Our Facilities

VilleTex is proud to have contract based association with the renowned textile industries and manufacturing units to attain the modern textile production technology and ensure the business quality and prompt delivery for its valued customers. On behalf of our contract with the textile manufacturers, we offer following facilities for the convenience of our clients.

Warping / Sizing

To maintain the best quality of fabric and ensure improvised services, we offer in house services for warping and sizing, while our production looms on Warping Beninger and Sizing-Zill assist in reducing the risk of low quality and ensures high quality


To meet the modern-day business demands, we have attained all types of looms; ranging from Auto Looms, Power Looms and Shuttle less Looms, that enable us to produce quality fabric of any width (130” to 153” included). Our modern technology is one of the factors of our inclined company sales.

Our product ranges 100% plain weave Cotton and poly cotton, 4/1 sateen (customized printing; plain, check, striped etc.), Herringbone, Ducks and Twills with their thread counts Plain Weaves ranging from T-132 to T-300, 4/1 sateen ranging from T-200 to T-600, Ducks 5,6 and 7 Ounces / Sq. Yd.

We have a capacity of producing more than 40 million meters of fabric / year.

Design Development

Creativity and innovation come directly from the human mind and fantasy, and play a pivotal role in designing and printing. Alongside the traditional designing, we have adopted the modern softwares to fulfill the needs of customer satisfaction individually, on behalf of their choice, selection and approval.

Our determined and well-trained team of innovative professionals operates in the fully computerized digital studio. The adoption of such a sophisticated environment along with the modern technological tools is meant to provide the finest designs and patterns to meet the customers’ demands and their satisfaction.


Being the core of design development and required to be handled with maximum sophistication, our engraving team efficiently handles every design with care to meet perfection. Our CST CAD-CAM system imported from Germany, accompanies the dedicated engravers for final modified printing; including CST Ink Jet Engraving , Wax Jet Engraving and CAD Scanner.


Our contractual textile manufacturers, being the country’s finest and quality textile producers, work with the modern Osthoff-Singeing Machine equipped with Double Jet Burner technology. The series of compression and expansion chambers help us achieve the ideal gas and air mixture. The ideal perfection to singeing is achieved with the help of an uninterrupted flame jet adjusted at the exit point of the mixture, distributed from the two parallel apertures and the directed combustion held in the molded ceramic bricks’ chamber. To achieve lucrative production, the energy can be saved by adjusting the flame width according to the fabric width, both manually and automatically.

Textile Processing

Our company has contracted with the manufacturers and processing units operating under the standards of ISO, along with the efficient test reports and the following machinery:

  • Singeing Osthoff – Germany having Working width: 320 cms
  • Mercerizing-Goller – Germany having Working width: 320 cms
  • Open Width Bleaching, Goller – Germany having Working width: 320 cms with Per day production Capacity: 125,000 mtrs

Textile Printing

We ensure the precision and accuracy of the most entangling designs with the help of our rotary printing facility ranging from pigment and reactive processing with the following high tech. machinery:

  • Reggiani – Italian Made rotary printing machines having Working with 280 cms in 16 colors and 320 cms in 15 colors with total printing capacity of 100,000 mtrs/day. The available repeats include 64 cms, 82 cms, 91 cms, & 1.01 Mtr with the range of screen meshes 60, 80, 125, 155, 165 & 195.
  • Strike Off Tables Reggiani
  • To further ascertain the accuracy on the large variety of our fascinating prints, we ensure the use of Zimmer Rotary printing machine with a wide range of 16 colors and 320 cm width.
  • To strengthen our amiable and healthy relationship with the clients, we use fully computer-operated Zimmer-Austria’s Rotary Strike-off printing machine, which ensures the providence of enchanting and registered Strike-off samples. VilleTex operates beyond the expectations of its customers by serving them with the modern-day tools and technologies and efficient personnel.

Textile Dyeing

Our valued customers / renowned home fabric brands are blessed to receive the quality dyed fabrics from VilleTex. Without compromising on the quality of dyed fabrics, we make use of the best quality grey fabric and other dying stuff, in accordance with the client’s requirements and product specifications.

    Dyeing Range

  • VAT Dyeing
  • Reactive for 100% Cotton
  • Disperse / Reactive for Poly Cotton

    Machinery Detail

  • E-Control System based Thermosol from Monforts – Germany, Working Width: 320 cms
  • PAD STREAM from Goller – Germany working width: 320 cm.
  • Production Capacity: 50,000 mtrs/Day.

We make use of a variety of equipments to meet the customer’s specifications, along with the utilization of alternative dyeing techniques. We guarantee the production of the best quality fabric by carefully selecting the most suitable fabric and examining it in the laboratory, along with the consistent monitoring of the production processing, further corroborated with regular checks.

Fabric Finishing

Modern fabric comes with fabric carrying comfortability along with pleasant presentation and designing. We use the technique of stringent control to finish the processed fabric with comfort and flexibility.

    Machinery Detail

  • Stenters-Monforts Germany having Working width 320 cms with “Mahlo” weft straighter both on entry & exit to control bowing.
  • Calendars Brand: “Ramisch” with cotton steel & Recklonbowls having working with 320 cms
  • Sanforizing-Monforts – Germany having Working width 320 cms
  • We use the latest ManfortMontex-5000 stenters for the setting of the fabric.

    Type of Finishing

  • Soil Release
  • Easy Care finish
  • Anti crease
  • Nano Tex

To induce care and customer satisfaction in our work, we operate on all levels of regular finishes to special finishes, would they be Anti-Mites, Flame-Retardant, Water Repellant, Easy-Care, Down-Proof and others.

We operate with digitally controlled machines to pave a way of skilled tomorrow.

Curing & Calendaring

Our curing machines are fully automatic machines which, fix vibrant and catchy colors and designs with heat treatments.

In the next step, we use the Universal Calendering machine for hand feels/ fabric textures.

Quality Assurance

To ensure quality and customer’s satisfaction, we finish our product by making it pass through various stages, all of which are highly-monitored. Starting from annexing the raw material to finally customizing the finished product, we strive to produce high quality products for our valued customers.

Our quality control department is responsible for conducting final quality tests to embrace total satisfaction of our valued customers.

Textile Laboratory

Our labs are equipped with modern technological tools, which help in assuring the customers’ satisfaction after passing the product through all the quality tests.

    Laboratory Equipments:

  • Light Fastner Tester
  • Wrinkle Recovery Tester
  • Data Color (spectrophotometer 650 USA)
  • Perspiometer Kit (for perspiration test)
  • Verivide Light Cabinet Jamesh Heal England
  • Titan (Tensile strength tester) by Jamesh Heal England
  • Gyrowash (washing & dry cleaning color fastness tester)
  • Impulse Random Tumble Pilling Tester by Jamesh Heal England
  • Spray Tester (Water repellency test) by Jamesh Heal England
  • NU-Martindale Pilling & Abrasion Tester by Jamesh Heal England
  • Wira Air Permeameter for Air permability test by Jamesh Heal England
  • Mini Thermosol for Lab dips development and PADDER are received from MATHIES, Switzerland

Fabric Stitching

With a capacity of cutting and stitching around 1.5 million meters of fabric on a monthly average, we have following product range:

  • Curtains
  • Valances
  • Table Linen
  • Bed in a Bag
  • Comforter Sets
  • Flat Sheet Sets
  • Quilt Cover Sets
  • Institutional Garments

To develop a practically modern environment, our stitching center is fully carpeted along with the providence of modern machinery like, cutters, plain, flat, lock, over-lock etc. we also offer shipping transportation for all products, along with the assurance of time commitment. With respect to the aforementioned, we want to shake hands with your glorified organization, and request you to provide all your specifications, so that we can offer you our best possible prices and put forward your required samples.

We are proud to use the latest machinery in our stitching department. Juki and Pegasus are used by arc. Our stitching staff is well-experienced and well-trained, which professionally stitches the products under the specifications of customer’s demands and standards, along with following the committed timeline.


Our quilting department is fully equipped with computerized quilting machines having production capacity of more than 4000 BIAB / Day.

Power Generation

The contractual manufacturers of VilleTex are 100% spaced, along with which we have attained our own in-house power generation. Installed with world-renowned GUASCOR and Waukesha Gas Engines, which is potentially efficient to run our mill machines.

This power generation plants enables us prompt product shipment to our customers.

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