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VilleTex is interlinked with a network of design studios which operate to revitalize the fabric by producing designs with life-giving colors and glorious styles. Our designers of textile design studio are potent to produce customized designs, which are not only a true reflection of the relevant popular culture but are also cultured with the local traditions and the latest styles. Our designers and researchers work as a team to bring in new fashion and trends in designs and styles, along with maintaining the true essence and soul of the popular culture of the related area.

We produce customized designs in our designer studio for London, Australia, Cape Town, NYC, Toronto, Delhi, Bristol, Bangalore, Douglas, Shepperton, Brisbane, Manchester, LA, Sydney and various other cities of fashion and trend. The VilleTex studio design designers add life to the existing designs by revamping them into standardized styles and patterns, which are not only attractive but also go with the local weather and area. Our designers take special care in producing the patterns with only those colors and styles, which are acceptable to the local social norms. We bring innovation in the prevailing trends of the local culture, by blending the existing world trends into the local trends in such a manner, that truly touches the hearts of the customers.

The design studio of VilleTex utilize the latest software and technology while designing the patterns, as to meet up the latest trends and demands of the market. At the VilleTex design studios, the modern colors embrace latest patterns and designs in the most compatible manner, that not only brings uniqueness and elegance to our designs, but also aims to set up new trends in the market. Our designs and patterns from textile design studios are specified for the particular usage, depending on the customer’s product. The refreshing touch of our designs is an emblem of VilleTex’s customer satisfactory services.

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