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Mumbai is the city of designs, colors and life. Where people live their lives every moment at the peak, we strive to provide them amazing and marvelous designs, which can add grace and elegance in their personalities. Our design studio Mumbai is a fully equipped place with modern technology and softwares, with which our designers work to produce world class designs. Our researchers work hard to obtain the necessary information about the prevailing colors and trends of Mumbai, and along with the historical amalgam of Mumbai designs, tend to produce classic patterns and designs.

Our designers work in accordance with the researchers of our qualified researchers and produce the world class designs, that lets the fashion and style oriented city of Mumbai stand among the world class design producers. VilleTex aims to develop a nourishing relationship with the clients, therefore we aim to satisfy their all standards of design production, along with the incorporation of our design ideas and professional expertise, so that we can aid our clients in bringing new and unique designs to the market, that let them stand in the first line textile design producers. We aim to develop a flourishing business relationship with our clients that brings success and prosperity.

Therefore, we believe in working with the cooperative approach. Our clients are continuously updated about the design production throughout the process, and we seek the ideas of our clients accompanied by the advice of our design experts. We utilize the bold and vibrant colors popular in the general culture and tradition of Mumbai. These colors are utilized in marvelous styles and patterns in our designs with classic contrasts, so that our customers can get the beautifully patterned styles; floral, straight, panel like or any other way they want. We also customize our existing designs on the demands of our customers.

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