Textile Quality Control

To fulfill the demands of monitoring and quality assurance, our Quality Assurance team is designated to make regular inline and final and detailed inspection visits and check the quality as per stated in the International Standards. At the griege fabric stage, the quality control officers start operating and inspecting so that any potential problems can be eradicated from the fabric.

As we frequently put emphasis on quality maintenance, therefore we have developed a special scrutiny system for quality control to ensure that our products dominate all other fish in the sea. Our quality control system is associated with the research and monitoring, which aid by seeking the latest international standards of product quality, and control the production process at every moment, by frequently checking the produced stuff. From chemical testing to general angling, we ensure that our product fulfills all the requirements of the international quality terms and conditions, and can be passed through any international quality tests. The aim is to deliver quality in every step to our customers.

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